Social Studies 


  1. Washington State Council for Social Studies
  2. Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction
  3. Project Citizen
  4. National Archives
Please note: The following CBAs are currently being aligned with ELA CCSS by OSPI Social Studies Cadre members. For more information contact one of your regional cadre educators
  • Elementary:You Decide, Whose Rules, You Decide (with science emphasis)
  • Middle School:Constitutional Issues
  • High School: In progress

OSPI Tools

Selected resources for a specific grade and topic for Civics assessments.

These resources can be modified for your classes. There are 21 pathfinder documents for Civics assessment topics with suggested resources for those topics. There are general resources to make your own pathfinders.

Please send additional resources or suggestions to Trish Henry, WLMA Webmaster, Cadre Trainer, and District Library TOSA for the Mead School District

District Level Resources for Teachers and Students

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