My delightful stay at Crimson Resort And Spa Mactan (Philippines)

There’s a Crimson Resort in Cebu, beside the airport, and another one in Mactan. I stayed in Mactan ( It’s large and has a casino in it. It’s not that accessible with its long driveway, but there’s a taxi lane there.

It’s quite a big hotel but somewhat old. But its location is right at the heart of Mactan and it is near major stores and eateries.

The rooms are spacious and have a lovely view. The private baths have the necessary toiletries for a stranded traveller. There’s a TV set with cable channels. The room’s cooling system is okay, especially during the hot season.

There’s a cafe-cum-restaurant at the ground floor, which is convenient when you are in a rush. The food is not that spectacular, but acceptable. But with good restaurants nearby, you have lots of choice in your hands. Some reviews here were helpful for me.

The lobby is as big and grand as the exterior, but the rooms did not meet my expectations. Service also wasn’t impressive. When I arrived still groggy from my morning flight, I was asked to wait till 1pm because they said that’s the check-in time. With still 2 hours away, I complained that I couldn’t hang around with my heavy luggage in tow.

Finally, they gave me a room, but the electronic key was malfunctioning. I was a bit disappointed by it. Good thing their buffet is extravagant.

If you are traveling on a tight budget and need a place to leave your belongings and stay for the night, this resort is right for you. It is near the provincial hall; thus, it is accessible to taxis and jeepneys, the local transport.

Some rooms are not that spectacular and a bit cramped. Still, it’s comfortable enough, with a TV set, air-conditioning unit, and private bath. I found some nice photos on the website The only thing is that there is no elevator and it’s a bit of a hassle to take your heavy luggage up stairs.

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